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We offer access to dozens of Finance Products, here are a few examples
Unsecured Loan Property Backed Loan Cash Flow Facility (Revolving Amount)
Rental finance Contract Finance Debtor Financing
Creditor Financing Property Backed Financing Management Buy-Out
Bridging Finance Import Finance Trade Finance
Freight Finance Invoice Discounting Overdraft
Loan (fixed repayment) Loan (revolving facility) Purchase Order Finance
Supply Chain Finance Letter of Credit Finance
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Customer Financing, Invoice Financing and Factoring

You sell on credit terms between 30 and 60 days from invoice, from month end, or similar credit terms.

This means you have good paying customers that will only be paying you in 30 days times, 60 days time or even up to 90 days past invoice date.

You can covert these good paying customers into ‘cash customers’ by having a Funder pay you 75% of the current debtors book & then new invoices once you have delivered the goods or completed the service, and your customer has signed the Proof of Delivery, service note, or similar document.

The balance of 25% is paid to you once the customers settles the invoices.

Two types of Customer Financing:
Choice 1:

You are paid the 75% and you continue to do all collections of the Debtors Book. The Funder has no control on how well the Debtors Book is being collected and no sight of how well the Debtors Book is ‘ageing’.

Due to the limited access to the Debtors Book, the perceived risk a Funder has is higher, and therefore the financing costs are higher too.

Typical costing is around 3.5% to 6% a month, depending on how strong your customer base is.

Choice 2

You are paid the 75% and the Funder provides a service to collect the monthly Debtors Book. The Funder has increased control on how well the Debtors Book is being collected and has sight of how well the Debtors Book is ‘ageing’.

Due to the increased access to the Debtors Book, the perceived risk a Funder has is lower, and therefore the financing costs are lower too.

Typical costing is around 3% to 3.5% a month, depending on how strong your customer base is.

Property Refinancing:

This allows you to release equity / money tied up in a property. This saves you tens of thousands in estate agency fees and saves you loss of future value growth in the property.

The Lender will settle any outstanding bond and give you between 50% and 80% of the valuation value once they have registered their security bond, as either a fixed business loan or a revolving business loan.

A fixed loan is normally repayable between 3 years and 7 years. A revolving loan means you only repay the interest on what you used that month.

Examples: Property Valuation of R2m, and a R300k outstanding loan.

R2m x 80% = total loan of R1,6m.

R300k paid to bank to settle loan, and R1.3m paid to you.

Revolving Loan
Full usage of the R1.6m for a month = R24,000 per month

*Remember, you only pay for what you use every month.

Fixed Loan
5 year loan could typically work out to be cR38.900 a month


Business Loan : R100,000 to R5m

Fixed Term Loan

A fixed rate loan is a form of credit issued by a Lender that provides a fixed repayment amount over an agreed period i.e. R10,000 per month for 12 months to repay a loan. Borrowers can predict their future payments with accuracy since the payments are fixed.


Revolving Loan:

A revolving loan is a form of credit issued by a Lender that provides you with the ability to draw down or withdraw, repay, and withdraw again. You only pay for what you have used that month.  A revolving loan is considered a flexible tool due to its repayment and re-borrowing accommodations.

Revolving Loans have a slightly higher interest rate due to its increased flexibility.


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Questions & Answers

The Application has space for you to tell us this. We will assess your needs and give feedback to you as to what Product/s is best suited to your needs within our scope of knowledge and Funder relationships. The final decision is yours.
We do not share your information with any third party, except inline with us attempting to have your application approved by a Funder.
Funders have various requirements for various products. We try limit the amount of information we ask from you, but we are looking for the right product/s for you and for the right Funder…. Plus we are talking possibly millions of Rands being requested, and we do need these items.
2 good reasons: Once the Funder pays you the Funds, the Shareholders are ultimately responsible for how those Funds are used / spent. The Funders want the business owners to have ‘skin in the game’ and to take a risk, the same as the Funder is taking when they make a large amount of Funds available to you. The second reason is if the Funds are not paid back, the Asset taken as security may be sold to recoup the outstanding Funds to the Funder. If there is any outstanding value after this, then the Shareholders would be responsible in paying any residual amount owed.
The Debtors Book represents the outstanding debt owed to you by your customers. The way the outstanding debt ages on the Debtors Book is one of the many indicators of how well or not well the Cash Flow will come into the bank account. It gives a good indication as to how well your customers are paying as well as the strength of your collections team.
Similarly, the Creditors Aged Analysis shows values owed by you to your Creditors. An extended Creditors Ageing list may show Cash Flow pressure (quite possibly the exact reason you are Applying for Funding). Work with us and we will place your Application with the right Funder/s we work with.
We aim to receive an answer within 3 working days after you send in all the information we need. What we find is that Clients send in only part of the information and expect an answer immediately. The more information you send to us, the easier and quicker it is to place your application with the right companies, and get you an answer…. Hopefully an approval.
The skills, experience and time used during the initial assessment together with the ongoing hours to work towards an answer from the Funder/s is a cost that needs to be accounted for. Remember that any declined deals do no attract any fees. Only when the Fun der approves your Application is there any fee to pay.
Sometimes we do receive a fee from the Funder if the Facility is taken up by you.
That’s fine. Give us an indepth overview of the challenges you are facing. The more information the better…. Paint a picture for us to really understand what challenges you are facing. If you think you know what the solution is, please let us know.
Your input is important.
Our experience shows us that often a basket of funding options is the best way to finance a business, so there may be more than one product you need, similar to having an Overdraft initially finances Cash Flow needs, and a Hire Purchase finances / Loan finances the purchase of a vehicle.

Some of our funders are Sharia compliant. Please advise if you require a Facility that is Sharia Compliant.

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